Year 9 Course Selection

Year 9 Course Selection

Papanui High School Mission Statement

“To provide the best possible education for all our students in a safe, balanced, caring environment”.

Below is a an overview of the year nine course structure.  This is what your child will be taking when they start at Papanui High School next year.  Core subjects are subjects that all students take, options is where you and your child have some choice over what to take.  

Year 9 Option Subjects

Year 9 students choose to study either one full year option subject or two half year option subjects for 3 periods per week. Students who are placed in one of our accelerated learning classes will be strongly advised to take a full year language option subject, instead of two half year option subjects.   Please follow the links below to find out more about subjects you can choose.

Options Subjects

Half Year Option Subjects                                                                 

 Full Year Option Subjects

Year 9 Technology

All Year 9 students will choose to study two of the five technology subjects for four periods per week for two terms. However, if a student is placed in a Supported Learning Class they will study technology in their core class and be exposed to three different technology areas.

Core Technology

Please note: 

We endeavor to give all students their option choices but in some circumstances you may be asked to review your choices.  

Year Nine Course Selection- Choose two technology subjects and two half year or one full year option.

Options I can choose from

Year 9 Core Subjects  

All Year 9 students will study five core subjects for four periods per week for the full year.  You do not need to select these subjects.  Every student is automatically enrolled in these.  Please click the links below to find out more about these core subjects.

Year 9 Core Arts

All Year 9 students will study four Arts subjects for three periods a week for one term each.