Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr J. Stewart

Recommended Prior Learning

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Students in this course often take it to:

-Gain real life skills they can apply to work or study

-Get extensive pathway and academic support that is personalised for their own transition goal

- Have the flexibility with class time and standards during different stages of the year

- Focus on a particular NCEA, subject or real world goal and build this into their own programme of work

This course has an underlying focus on developing the student's skills to enable them to prepare for either further study or move successfully into employment. It is intended to be flexible to meet the needs of students of all abilities. Students begin by setting individual targets based on both pathway and NCEA requirements. Students set these targets after they complete a personality test and plan out their own TRP32 course structure, whether they take the course for a full year or just a semester. Students will learn to manage themselves as they prepare to transition into the workforce or further training.

Students will develop a career pathway plan and then practice their communication skills as they have interviews with staff, other students and/or community members.

In this course most students will have a minimum of 4 standards on which they are assessed: 

-Planning a career pathway

-Interviewing in informal situations

-Manage Personal Finances

-Deal with Employment Relationship Problems

Students will self-identify a need for further standards and  will be able to obtain these from the list below at school and/or from the external opportunities mentioned in the following paragraph. 

In addition to NCEA standards within school, and as part of their own targets, students are encouraged and facilitated to take part in additional learning opportunities, including but not limited to: barista training, holiday STAR courses, first aid courses, learner's driver licensing, experience Ara events, CV writing and job applications. Many of these opportunities also provide significant additional NCEA credits.

Visits from and to Tertiary providers and local businesses will be organized to match student interests and needs.

Learning Areas:

Careers and Pathways