SCIENCE 31F - Full Year

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr D. Williams

Recommended Prior Learning

14 Level 2 or Level 3 Science credits from Achievement Standards. NCEA Level 1 Literacy.

Citizen Science
This course is designed to develop the scientific literacy of students and provide them with the skills needed to make decisions involving science in the future. The exact contexts for the course will vary from year to year and be responsive to student interests and strengths, as well as current topics in Science. Students are expected to be capable of independent work with the guidance of the teacher.
Topics could include:
- Socio-scientific issues (e.g. genetic modification, sustainable farming, climate change, fad diets, etc.)
- Restoration of biophysical environments
- Astronomy
- Geology
- Investigation

This course will provide the opportunity for at least 15 credits towards NCEA Level 3 and the standards will be selected from the list below with input from the students. It will NOT include all of the standards listed below.

If a student achieves 14 Level 3 credits in this course it will be counted as an approved subject for University Entrance.

NOTE: Due to the personalised nature of this course, it is highly recommended that students have a Chromebook or a laptop to support their learning. 

Future Possibilities

This course provides a useful background for students wishing to pursue tertiary study that requires some science background, but does not require specialisation in a particular subject area. It is also relevant for students on pathways that do not require specific science pre-requisites.

Learning Areas: