RECREATION and WELLBEING (Study skills) 12F - Full Year

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Miss M. Carson

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Recreation and Well-being (3 Periods)
The Recreational component of this course is designed to encourage students to be actively involved in physical activity, and understand influences that increase their activity levels.

The Well-being programme aims to develop knowledge, understanding, skills, and attitudes needed to maintain and enhance personal health and development. This has a particular focus on sexuality and alcohol and drug issues.

The Recreational assessment is an Achievement Standard while the Health assessments are Unit Standards. All assessment is internally assessed.

Study Skills (2 Periods)
Students will pursue individual study associated with the courses they are taking for NCEA Level 1.

NB: All Year 11 students who take five subjects will also take either RWS12F or RWS13F

Learning Areas:

Health & Physical Education