PHYSICS 21F - Full Year

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr D. Williams

Recommended Prior Learning

At least 14 credits in Level 1 Science Achievement Standards including Science (Physics) 1.1 and Mathematics and Statistics 1.2.

Physics is the fundamental description of the physical world we live in. Students will study mechanics, waves, electricity and radioactivity in theory and carry out investigations. People working in industries involving Physics come in and talk to students during the year about what they do and how they became involved in their career.

This course will provide a minimum of 18 credits towards NCEA Level 2.

Future Possibilities
Physics is essential for a large range of careers including all aspects of engineering, hi-tech industries such as software development and IT, medicine, being a pilot, forensics, electronics and architecture. This course is essential for those wishing to pursue Engineering or Health Sciences at University.

Learning Areas:



PHYSICS 31F - Full Year