Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr P. Truesdale

Mathematics 1XF

In this course each student works alongside a member of the Mathematics department to design a course which will meet their needs. Classes are timetabled such that there are 2 or 3 teachers available to help each student along their individual pathway. 

These courses further develop knowledge in:
• Number and Algebra
• Geometry and Measurement
• Statistics
and enhances problem solving skills and mathematical thinking. These courses provide students with the core skills required for progression to Level 2 Mathematics and Statistics.

Students choose from the list of standards below. 

Mathematics Life skills MLS13F
This course develops real world mathematics skills by students participating in everyday activities involving mathematics. This includes units on money, measurement, time and number skills. 

NOTE: Level 1 Numeracy is not an intended outcome of this course. 

Assessment is through a mixture of Unit and Achievement Standards.
Students who are successful in this course could be eligible for Level 1 Mathematics and Statistics.

Learning Areas:



MATHEMATICS 21S - Semester, MATHEMATICS 22S - Semester, MATHEMATICS with CALCULUS 21S - Semester, MATHEMATICS with STATISTICS 21S - Semester

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Mathematics 1XF and MLS13F
A scientific calculator is essential.

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