LIFE SCIENCES 22S - Semester

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms A. Taylor

Recommended Prior Learning

12 Level 1 Science credits from Achievement standards with at least 4 credits from a Biology related standard. NCEA Level 1 Literacy.

Life Sciences is a short course exploring the science of living things, with an emphasis on humans. It will include looking at body systems (e.g. circulation, respiratory, digestion) as well as building chemistry skills relevant to biological processes in the body. The topics in the course can vary depending on the interests and strengths of students. 

Key topics include:

  • Thermoregulation in humans
  • Comparison of gas exchange systems in animals
  • Chemical reactions in the body

This course provides 6 credits towards NCEA Level 2 from the list below. It is highly recommended that students match this course with another science semester course if they wish to pursue Science in Year 13.

Future Possibilities: This course provides a good background in health related sciences and could be beneficial to students looking to pursue future pathways in health related studies (e.g. nursing, medical imaging, certificate in Health Studies) but does not meet the requirements for Health Sciences at university level.

Learning Areas:



SCIENCE 31F - Full Year