HISTORY 21S - Semester 1

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs J. Welch

Recommended Prior Learning

Students need to have achieved in Level 1 History or English to be eligible to enter 21S History.

Students investigate historical forces that have shaped the modern world. The main themes studied in this semester are Discrimination and Persecution and the development of New Zealand's identity.

Possible case studies may include:
• Peace and Protest in New Zealand
• Conspiracy theories in History

It also develops the student's ability to write concisely.

Future Possibilities
The course leads to further study and research in the Social Sciences, particularly History in Semester Two, Year 13 and beyond. History is an excellent grounding for careers in journalism, law, publishing, broadcasting, management, teaching and any job requiring developed communication and investigative skills.

Learning Areas:

Social Science / Classics / History / Geography / Tourism


HISTORY 21S - Semester 2, HISTORY 31F - Full Year