HISTORY 11F - Full Year

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs J. Welch

Recommended Prior Learning

Concurrently studying ENG 11E, 11F or MED11F or discuss your course with your Social Studies teacher.

Level 1 History is based on causes and consequences of major events that have shaped lives in the 20th and 21st century. Communication skills are developed progressively throughout the year.

The main themes studied at Year 11 are causes and consequences of significant events

Possible case studies will include:
- The Origins of WWII and NZ Involvement in WWII
- Black Civil Rights in America 1954-1975
- The Springbok Tour

Future Possibilities
The course leads to further study and research in the Social Sciences, particularly History in Year 12, 13 and beyond. History helps students to understand past events and how these events continue to impact the world today. It teaches students to think logically and critically and the related skills are relevant to almost every vocation. It also prepares students to write concisely.

Learning Areas:

Social Science / Classics / History / Geography / Tourism


CLASSICAL STUDIES 21S - Semester 1, CLASSICAL STUDIES 21S - Semester 2, HISTORY 21S - Semester 1, HISTORY 21S - Semester 2