FOOD and NUTRITION 11F - Full Year

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms T. Williams

Recommended Prior Learning

Year 9 & 10 Food & Nutrition or Food Technology would be an advantage but not essential.

By studying Food and Nutrition students develop a collaborative approach to constructing their knowledge- and linking it to the practical food preparation.

Students will demonstrate knowledge of practices relating to safe food handling. They will develop an understanding of the nutritional needs of teenagers and the influences on food choices and well-being such as whanau, teenage culture, advertising, economic and so on. Students will develop the ability to understand food promotion on food packaging and the nutritional information and apply this to food choices for the external assessment. Students can expect to participate in practical food experiences linked to the learning.

Nutrition provides a diverse range of career specialisations including working in nutrition, education and health care. Tertiary providers, including universities, offer courses which build on the broad knowledge gained from this course.

Access to a device is an advantage for this course.

Learning Areas:

Food and Textiles


FOOD and NUTRITION 21F - Full Year, HOSPITALITY - Cafe Culture 22S - Semester, HOSPITALITY - JUNIOR CHEF 22S - Semester