ESOL 11F - Full Year

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms M. Dalley

Recommended Prior Learning

A satisfactory level of English, preferably at the Pre-Intermediate level.

This course is for students from non-English speaking backgrounds.  It provides support in all language strands – written, oral and visual. Students can achieve standards for NCEA in English and the new English Language (EL) standards. 

Please note: The total number of credits available for this course is 18. Students work at the level they are capable of. They, therefore, do one writing standard and one reading standard. 

Students who achieve the reading and writing standards at level 3 can use this evidence towards core generic Level 1 Literacy standards.

On a case by case basis, some students may be offered a further 5 credits. This would bring their total to 23 credits.

Future Possibilities
Progression to ESL 21F 

Learning Areas:



ESOL 21F - Full Year