ECONOMICS 21F - Full Year

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr J. Warren

Recommended Prior Learning

None although Year 11 Economics or Year 9/10 Accounting and Economics is an advantage.

This course leads on from Economics 11F. 

It covers four major issues:
1.Inflation - What causes prices to rise, how rising prices affect people and businesses and how economists try to reduce inflation.
2.Economic Growth - How do economists attempt to grow the size of our economy and the  positive and negative effects of a growing economy.
3.Trade - Why does NZ trade with other countries, what countries do we trade with and what goods and services does NZ import and export.
4.Government - Looks at how the government helps to reduce inflation, create growth and encourage international trade.
5.Employment - Examines what causes changes in employment and how these changes affect people and businesses.

In each topic students will use the share market, newspapers, internet and television, case studies and other media to help them understand how the NZ economy works.

Future Possibilities
Leads on to Year 13 Economics. 

 Career prospects are in the areas of business, management, marketing, law, media and many more.

Learning Areas:

Commerce / Digital Technologies


ECONOMICS 31F - Full Year