Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms T. Winter

Recommended Prior Learning

A creative and inquisitive mind, problem solving skills, self management competencies. Completion  of DTP11F is preferable, however students who have not successfully completed this course will need to consult with Ms Winter.

This course develops an advanced understanding of concepts in Computer Science and techniques to plan and implement advanced programs which underpin further study in Computer Science. It has an emphasis on the need for computer awareness and understanding and aims to provide students with a pathway in digital technologies towards tertiary studies and innovative employment opportunities. 

Students will complete a project for an end-user by designing and creating a game/program to further develop programming knowledge and skills. An innovative approach and creative thinking along with problem solving and self-managing competencies are highly recommended.  Students work through the program development life cycle of problem solving, coding, documenting, effective testing, refining and evaluating. 

It is an introduction to Computer Science and the use of digital data as the principal tool for data storage, manipulation and transmission.

Skills in using Python Programming Language and/or Unity C# are developed.

Students are able to take both DTM21 and DTP21 should they wish to work on a bigger project by combining both areas.

Career Outlook:
CAD Draftsperson, Computer Systems Engineer, Database Development & Administration, Design/Product Development Engineer, Electronics Engineer/Technician, Food Technologist, Game Developer, Geospatial (GIS) Analyst, Graphic Designer, ICT Multimedia Designer Developers, IT Support Professional, Product Evaluator, Robotics or Automation Engineer, Software Developer/Engineer, Software Tester, Telecommunications/Network Engineer, UX/UI Designers, Web Developer. 

The Working World: Spark, Orion Health, Tait Communications, CerebralFix, Vodafone, Fonterra, SLI Systems.

Assessment: Students will choose, in negotiation with their teacher from the list of standards to be assessed against and are not expected to complete all of them.  

Learning Areas:

Commerce / Digital Technologies


DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES OUTCOMES 31F - Full Year - 5 periods per week, DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES OUTCOMES 31P - Full Year - 10 periods per week

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Students may have the option to purchase a student licence of the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite through the school.
A removable USB drive maybe required depending on project and if working between home and school.

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