Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms T. Winter

Recommended Prior Learning

Successful completion DTM11F and/or DTP11F courses or previous computing experience, or an interest in design. Students who have not successfully completed one of the Level 1 courses must consult with Ms Winter.

This course further develops design and development skills and is about problem solving and creating rather than just being users of digital technologies.  It develops the student's knowledge of multimedia so as they can communicate information effectively. Students will design and create a digital media outcome that meets the purpose and end user requirements. Students are able to take both DTM21 and DTP21 should they wish to work on a bigger project combining both areas. 

This course will develop:
• skills in designing and developing a digital outcome • advanced digital media skills • an understanding of what is good design • project planning • computational thinking • evaluating • an understanding of HCI (Human Computer Interaction)

Types of projects could be:
• Creating: a website using HTML/CSS/Javascript • graphics and producing an infographic • an animation • the graphics for a game • an App • a database using MySQL and PHP that is used in the website or capturing video and editing to produce a film 

Careers: Database Development & Administration, Design/Product Development Engineer, Game Developer, Graphic Designer, ICT Multimedia Designer Developers, Product Evaluator, Software Developer/Engineer, Software Tester, UX/UI Designers, Web Developer.

Learning Areas:

Commerce / Digital Technologies


DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES OUTCOMES 31F - Full Year - 5 periods per week, DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES OUTCOMES 31P - Full Year - 10 periods per week

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

Students may have the option to purchase a student licence of the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite through the school. A removable USB drive may be required depending on project and if working between home and school.

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