DRAMA 31F - Full Year

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs J. Grubb

Recommended Prior Learning

8 Credits in Year 12 Drama or approval from Head of Department.

This course builds upon the foundations of Level 1 and 2 Drama. The students will study the fundamentals of drama and performance with more depth and sophistication. They will be expected to work independently at this level. They will study techniques to communicate meaning in performance and critically analyse the performance of others.

Drama is a fundamental subject for applying and exploring the key competencies. Students continuously work in a group setting, using their communication, teamwork and leadership skills. Students analyse texts and interpret meaning. They are required to think creatively and independently.

The units of work we cover include:
- devising, scripting (if applicable) and presenting a solo performance.
- studying a theatre form and applying the features of this form in a performance to an invited audience of friends and family
- analysing and exploring acting techniques, theorists and drama processes
- There is the option of writing one or two external examinations. One focuses on critiquing and analysing a live professional performance they have seen during the year. The other on the theatre form studied during the year.

If a student achieves 14 credits from the Achievement Standards, this course can count as an approved subject for University Entrance. However, if a student chooses both Drama 31F and Production 31F the credits gained in both subjects will count towards ONE approved subject only, NOT two separate subjects. Please see Careers staff for further clarity.

Future Possibilities
This course will prepare students for future academic and vocational opportunities in Theatre and Film, Broadcasting, Law, Communications, Journalism, Teaching, Early Childhood and many other areas that focus on the application of key competencies.

Learning Areas:

Drama and Dance