Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Miss J. Coleman

Recommended Prior Learning

There is automatic acceptance for students who have successfully completed CHF22S as they will have Unit Standard 167 (Level 2), which is a prerequisite for the course. Students who do not have this standard will have to complete it as an online course.

Students will complete a course that has a focus on restaurant style food. Students develop their skills and knowledge through the preparation of food suitable for sale and consumption in a restaurant or café situation. Students may choose to participate in onsite Barista training. Visits may be provided to hospitality providers and food related businesses throughout the course.

In Term 2 students will be able to enter and compete in National Chef Competitions which could give them 10 credits. This is optional but recommended as it can be added to a student's CV.

Future Possibilities:
Students who complete this course may choose to look for employment opportunities within the hospitality industry, or further their education through tertiary providers such as Ara to complete Chef, Hospitality, Barista or Bakery training.

Learning Areas:

Food and Textiles