ART 11F - Full Year

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr M. Soltero

Recommended Prior Learning

Successful completion of a Year 10 Art semester course is recommended. Those who have not completed a Year 10 Art course should consult with Mr Soltero. 

Year 11 Art is where students learn to develop their own ideas in Art. 

Refer to the links below to see examples of student work.

• Students use a variety of artists’ techniques with teacher guidance and support.

• Students follow an individual approach to the media and ideas they explore – based on their own theme developed with teacher guidance and support.

• The course is designed around Painting and Printmaking with options for the inclusion of Illustration, Design, Photography and Sculpture.

• There are two optional Art History standards that count towards Level 1 literacy and reinforce the learning about artists the students are doing in class. 

• Most students will undertake a course of 16 credits. The additional/optional 8 Art History credits can offer students further opportunities to demonstrate other knowledge and/or gain Merit or Excellence grades as well as the opportunity to gain Literacy credits.

Year 11 Art teaches students independent self-management skills as well as specific approaches to developing ideas and working with a large scale project while meeting deadlines. These skills are valuable in all Art courses at Years 12 and 13. 

Future Possibilities
Entry into all Level 2 Art courses; Painting, Printmaking, Art Photography, Art Design, Art History, Art Sculpture. All Y12 Art courses can be taken as a full year or as a semester course.

Learning Areas:


Detailed Course Outline

ART DESIGN 21F – Full Year, ART DESIGN 21S - Semester, ART HISTORIES 21F - Full Year, ART HISTORIES 21S – Semester, ART PAINTING 21F – Full Year, ART PAINTING 21S - Semester, ART PHOTOGRAPHY 21F – Full Year, ART PHOTOGRAPHY 21S - Semester, ART PRINTMAKING 21F – Full Year, ART PRINTMAKING 21S - Semester, ART SCULPTURE 21F - Full Year, ART SCULPTURE 21S – Semester