Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr M. Soltero

Recommended Prior Learning

Open entry but English language skills essential.

In Level 2 Art Histories students learn to draw together information from a wide range of research and present their ideas, views and opinions as a coherent whole. These skills are transferable to a variety of real world settings and can help students improve their literacy skills. 

This is an English rich subject exploring modern and contemporary art and culture, examining major artists and ideas in New Zealand and internationally from 1960's through to the present time. 

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In this course:

• Students produce 4 written submissions during the year in the form of transactional writing (i.e. these are not essays as such). Help is available for those who struggle with writing. 

• In class, students watch videos, discuss art and culture, read articles and research using both visual and written texts to support opinions.

• Main units: What is Art & What is its Value? - The Effect or Impact of Media and Processes on Art - Theory & Personal Responses to Artworks - Art in Context.

• UE Literacy credits are available in both Reading and Writing.

Future Possibilities - Art History Level 3, Philosophy

Learning Areas:



ART HISTORIES 31F – Full Year, ART HISTORIES 31S – Semester