AGRICULTURE 23S - Semester

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms A. Taylor

Recommended Prior Learning

Students are required to have gained 10 Level 1 Literacy credits and it is recommended that they have gained at least 12 credits in Level 1 Science achievement standards. 

Agriculture: Animals and the land

This course provides an introduction to livestock agricultural science and explores how agriculture impacts the NZ environment. 

  • Livestock anatomy, attributes and features
  • Livestock reproductive techniques and features
  • Impacts of animals on the land

Students may select from the industry-based or theoretical standards that are related to agriculture and will NOT complete all of the standards listed below. 2-3 standards will be selected and students can expect to attempt a maximum of 10 credits. 

Future Possibilities 
This course lead well into Agriculture/Horticulture/Viticulture industry training courses, or entry level positions within the associated industries.

Please note: This course may run in conjunction a combined AGS/HTS depending on student enrolment numbers. In this case a combination of Agricultural and Horticultural standards will be assessed. These may come from Primary Industry unit standards or Agricultural and Horticultural Science Achievement Standards

Learning Areas: