Year 9 Dance - 1 Term

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs A. Hill

Recommended Prior Learning

Year 9 Drama is a core subject for three periods per week for one term of the year.


Students will develop a practical knowledge of Dance techniques and styles. They will learn about choreography and how to create their own work.

There will be an emphasis on analysing Dance and expressing themselves through Dance. All of the above will be learnt in the context of social and cultural origins of the dances.



Physical exercise, co­ordination and aerobic stamina are key components in the process of learning about Dance. These are used to focus on communication as a tool, for students to explore different ways to interact and understand people. The kinesthetic approach used in Dance, encourages and motivates students’ engagement. Dance involves experiential learning opportunities within different cultures, where students share their cultural expertise.



Dance is an NCEA Level 1, 2 and 3 subject and the school offers Scholarship Dance. It is a University Entrance subject and nationally available in the Arts Curriculum.

Dance is currently one of the fastest growing NCEA subjects in New Zealand


Dance career opportunities include:

  • Professional, recreational and educational teaching
  • Dance research
  • Dance health
  • Choreography
  • Production
  • Performance

Course Overview

Term 1
This is a taster course where you will learn a small sample of a variety of dance styles, make some simple group choreography and learn some steps. It is a chance to introduce you to movement and artistic expression through the body.

Learning Areas:

Drama and Dance


Year 10 Dance - Full Year

Dance is a fantastic way to learn about how to work together in groups, express yourself through movement, learn new terminology and gain full university accredited NCEA credits through a subject you are passionate about.