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Year 9 Health & Physical Education - Full Year

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs N. Marshall


The Physical Education course covers:

Teamwork – Students will participate in activities that encourage personal growth in a team setting; developing communication, inclusiveness, accountability, fair play and encouragement. Lessons will be based on games then students will get an opportunity to practise their teamwork skills through a sporting context.

Fitness – Students will participate in a variety of activities that target different fitness components and develop self- responsibility for fitness and personal health.

Challenge and Goal Setting (Gymnastics and Circus Skills) – Students will participate in activities that will provide an opportunity to break out of their comfort zones and allow them to be challenged and develop goal setting for success and achievement.

Swimming – Students will participate in lessons that are aimed to support their swimming technique, confidence and survival skills in the water. 

Olympism – Students will participate in activities that will provide an opportunity to demonstrate joy found in effort, non­discrimination and respect for others, unity.

Teaching Games for Understanding (Volleyball and Invasion) – Students will participate in activities to enable them to identify which skills to perform in attack and defence and to develop an understanding of tactics and strategies to use effectively in game situations.


The Health course covers:

Mental Health and Resilience ­ Students will look at how to develop confidence and problem solving skills to cope with conflict situations that they may experience throughout their lives. The importance of friendships and self-belief will also be addressed.

Nutrition ­ By looking at messages we see on TV, the internet and magazines students will question how this can affect their food choices and what we should be eating to have and maintain good health.

Gender & Sexuality ­ Students will look at the changes that occur during puberty both physically and emotionally. They will begin to discuss attitudes around sexual orientation and gender and what people expect in relationships.

Drug Education ­ Short and long term effects of drugs typically used in New Zealand will be studied. They will also look at the impact of anti-drug ad campaigns and will use these ideas to create their own advertisements. 



Year 10 Health & Physical Education

Year 11-13 Physical Education

Year 11-13 Health

Year 11-13 Outdoor Education 

Year 12-13 Sports Performance and Leadership 

Recommended Prior Learning

Year 9 Health & Physical Education is a core subject for 4 periods per week. Three of lessons are Physical Education and the remaining lesson is a Health lesson.

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

PE Uniform: Air mesh side stripe tee – navy/white
Shorts, track pants or leggings – navy or black
Sports shoes
PHS sports hoodie or long sleeve tee