Year 10 Health & Physical Education - Full Year

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs N. Marshall

In Year 10 Health & Physical Education is a core subject, two of which are Physical Education and one Health lesson.

The Physical Education course covers:
Indigenous and International Games – Students will be introduced to a variety of Maori and International games. They will develop an understanding of the skills, tactics and rules for various games in both modified and full game settings.
Fitness – – Students will participate in a variety of activities that target different fitness components, develop their understanding of anatomy and self responsibility for fitness and personal health.
Swimming – Students will participate in lessons that are aimed to increase confidence in water while problem solving around survival situations. This will allow students to gain a broad range of knowledge about survival techniques.
Student Led Sport – Students will be in small groups and decide on a sport or physical activity they are interested in, they will be required to provide a warm up activity that relates to the sport and play a game with the class.
Sports Education Module - Students will be in three teams and facilitate a sport tournament by organizing and participating in a round robin tournament. Each team will be required to take on coaching and officiating roles to facilitate the other two team’s game.
Social Responsibility - Students will develop an understanding of social responsibility and the affect this has on oneself and others. They will demonstrate social responsibility through a variety of games and reflect on how to improve their social responsibility.

The Health course covers:
Friendships - Students will look at the values they have and how this can impact on they way they behave and act towards others. Good communication will also be looked at along with the skill of assertiveness.
Gender & Sexuality - Through the use of media and gender stereotypes students will look at how this influences thoughts and ideas around sexuality. They will also discuss safe relationships including the use of contraception, STI's and unequal power balances.
Careers – Students will use the Careers NZ website and the Careers Department resources to begin to think about their future career pathways and potential subject choices.
Drug Education – A range of drugs found in NZ society will be studied focusing on the impact they have on individuals, society and what laws have been put into place to control their use and distribution.
Change, Loss and Grief – Students will look at how people respond to change and how they can deal with changes in their lives in a healthy manner.

The course builds on the work done in Year 9.

Year 11 to Year 13 Physical Education
Year 11 to Year 13 Health
Year 11 to Year 13 Outdoor Education
Year 12 to Year 13 Sports Performance and Leadership

And the subject can lead to the following careers:
Medical Sector - Doctor, Physiotherapist, Nurse, Midwife, Dentist, Dietician, Psychologists, Massage Therapist.
Education Sector - Teaching, Nanny/Childcare, Counsellor, Youth Worker, Outdoor Education Instructor.
Health Promotion Sector - Health Services, Social Work, Community Work.
Fitness Industry - Coach, Official, Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Events Manager, Recreation Coordinator.
Protective Services - Police, Army, Navy, Air Force, Firefighters, Corrections, Customs.

Recommended Prior Learning

In Year 10 Health & Physical Education is a core subject, for three periods per week.

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

PE Uniform: Air mesh side stripe tee – navy/white
Shorts, track pants or leggings – navy or black
Sports shoes
PHS sports hoodie or long sleeve tee

Students are expected to change into the compulsory Health and Physical Education uniform for practical periods.